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Jim James, Regional Director

Jim James, Regional Director for GPRS Enterprises, has been working in the field of Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) for over five years and has completed over 1,500 jobs. His GPR experience is varied and extensive, as he has worked for all ranges of clients, from private individuals doing landscaping work to some of the largest general contractors in the world. Jim's experience also spans many locations, including Chicago, New York, Miami, The Virgin Islands, Toronto, and the Canadian Rockies. He has done work in sites such as Disney World and Epcot Center, the Empire State Building, and The World Trade Center Freedom Tower. His work has even appeared on The History Channel's "Search for the Lost Giants".

Not only does Jim James have a wealth of GPR experience, but he also has expertise in analyzing data and is fully certified in and experienced with handling GSSI GPR equipment. Jim holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Toledo and has a background in designing networks for both telecommunications companies and power companies. This background allows him to better understand how the data provided by GPR applies to real world design techniques.

As a part of GPRS Enterprises, Jim prides himself on his attention to detail in his findings, both on site and in deliverables. To this end, he has better than a 99.9% reported accuracy rate. Ultimately, Jim James is determined to give each client the most accurate representation of what lies below the surface.


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