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Applications: Where to Use GPR?

Many companies offer ground penetrating radar alongside a multitude of other services. GPRS Enterprises, by contrast, focuses solely on the use of the latest GPR technology, making us the trusted industry leader. We are proud to offer both ground-based utility detection and concrete scanning services. Please visit our "Underground Utilities" and "Concrete Scanning" pages for more information.

To assist you in deciding which GPRS service is right for your needs, we have provided a list of typical applications:

Buildings and Other Existing Structures

  • Our utility detection service can provide a comprehensive picture of existing sub-surface utilities on your project.
  • GPRS Enterprises can locate reinforcing steel, such as post-tension cables and/or rebar, within the concrete prior to core drilling for electrical outfitting, plumbing, duct work, fire protection services, and drain installation.
  • We can scan for electrical conduits embedded in or below slabs prior to saw cutting or core drilling, minimizing the risk of electrocution to the operator and reducing the risk of building systems shutdowns.

Exploratory Digs / Soft Digs

  • Prior to digging, make sure you call GPRS to help with utility detection. We use radio detection, GPR and electromagnetic induction to locate existing utility wires, cables, and lines as well as protect your work site.

Streets and Urban Planning

  • GPRS Enterprises will locate existing sub-surface utilities to ensure a safe and non-destructive work environment.
  • GPR can detect potential problem areas, such as voids and air pockets, beneath asphalt and pavement.

Underground Storage Tank (UST) Detection

  • When transferring property ownership or refinancing an existing property, GPRS Enterprises can detect storage tanks left underground and potentially locate areas where they have been removed.

Remember, the services GPRS Enterprises provides are non-destructive, fast, and reliable. We provide valuable data for the scanned areas, with no radiation hazard, thereby reducing the risk and cost of structure damage or project downtime. GPRS Enterprises promotes a safe work environment by protecting existing sub-surface structures, your workers, and the surrounding communities.




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