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Locate Radiant Heating Tubes Within Concrete Using Thermal Imaging

Find Radiant Floor Heating Tubes

Find Radiant Floor Heating Tubes

map radiant heat locations

GPRS offers in-depth infrared imaging and thermal heat detection services. Our highly trained professionals go beyond the surface to evaluate underground radiant heat pipe structures and provide detection of radiant heating tubes prior to cutting or drilling. When thermal imaging cameras are used to locate radiant in floor heat tubes in conjunction with ground penetrating radar, the customer receives a comprehensive service.

GPRS offers both commercial and residential radiant heat locating services often with next day appointments.

Our infrared cameras detect differentiating thermal patterns of buried to pinpoint the exact piping locations and map radiant heat locations. Thermal imaging and concrete imaging paired together gives the customer the best shot at locating all obstructions prior to core drilling.

By using specialized detection devices that measure thermal radiant patterns, major temperature differences can be easily seen through thermal scanning devices. Whether it is your home, business, industrial facility or construction site thermal imaging is essential to avoid potential damage.

Safety is a top priority at GPRS. All of our technicians receive extensive on-site training, attend the GPRS Training School, and complete OHSA 10-hour construction training. After completing the training course, new technicians ride with senior technicians to observe each application and learn the job. The senior technician acts in a supervisory role as the technicians hone their skills and prepare to enter the field fulltime.


Thermal Imaging Detection

Thermal Imaging Detection Locate Snowmelt System Tubing

Locate Snowmelt System Tubing

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