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Rebar and Beam Locating Prior to Coring – Burnaby, British Columbia

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems Enterprises, Inc. of British Columbia was contracted by a plumbing company to locate rebar and under-slab concrete beams prior to coring for the install of new toilet and shower facilities. The 1600 MHz concrete antenna was used to survey the slab, and all findings were marked with permanent marker for coring on a later date. A smaller Palm antenna unit was used to get within 2” of the walls and metal track to maximize Radar view in tight areas.

Concrete Scan to Locate Rebar - Burnaby, British Columbia

The beams that were marked out were previously unknown to the client before scanning took place. Many of the core locations were shifted in order to avoid the 20” thick, heavily reinforced beams below. The client was also able to limit the rebar that was compromised during drilling, even though the large sized toilet cores barely fit between the markings.

If you have a need for any of our concrete scanning services, such as beam locating, rebar locating, void location or conduit locating in the Lower Mainland or greater Vancouver area, please contact:
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