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Concrete Scanning Prior to Core Drilling - Etobicoke, British Columbia

A local plumber was recently working on a project that required core drilling to be performed in multiple locations in a condo in Etobicoke.  The plumber owned his own equipment, but was aware of electrical panels in the area and therefore desired the level of accuracy and expertise that a professional GPR technician will provide.

GPRS Enterprises, Inc. of Canada mobilized to the site and began marking out the locations, but found that many of the locations in which the core drilling was required had multiple conduits running directly through the area.  GPRS worked with the client to expand the original scan areas as well as scan a few additional areas to allow the plumbing contractor as many options as possible to rearrange the design of the room to fit with the safe places to drill. 

If you are in need of concrete scanning or any of our other services such as UST locating and private utility locating, please contact Jim James at 647-339-1265 or


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