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Concrete Scanning Prior to Sawcutting in Toronto, Ontario

In hospitals and long term care centres it can be very important that power is maintained to the equipment being used by the patients. A local long term health care centre is currently adding an electrical service for a new building which required trenching in the basement of the main resident structure. In order to maintain services to any critical equipment in use by residents and staff they opted to have a GPR scan completed to ensure that the area was safe for cutting.

Concrete Scanning Prior to Sawcutting in Toronto, Ontario

GPRS Enterprises mobilized to the site and was able to quickly determine that the area was safe to cut. In addition, the centre has requested that GPRS come back to perform outdoor utility locating services as well. The centre usually gets locates performed by Ontario 1 Call, but desires the higher accuracy and the ability to obtain depths that GPR provides.

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