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Concrete Scanning / Structural Analysis - Downtown Toronto, Ontario

GPRS was contacted by a major telecommunication company to determine the rebar pattern within their utility vault located in the middle of a busy downtown intersection. Therefore, traffic control and other safety precautions needed to be met before entering the Manhole, safety is always #1 to GPRS. The structural analysis needed to take place to not only meet the standards of the telecommunications company but the city of Toronto as well, who was present on site to ensure everything went smoothly. This was the beginning stage to a major network of manholes and new communication lines to be ran connecting to new developments in nearby areas.

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This image represents the utility vault scanned by GPRS Project Manager Adrian Atkins
to determine the structural steel within the concrete walls of the utility vault.

After determining the rebar pattern with depths of each bar and also clearing the area of any other obstructions, that gave our client peace of mind and the approval from the city to continue the project in a safe and cost efficient way.

For this project we used our small yet compact 2000 MHz “Palm” antenna. This small antenna allows us to get to within 2” of any wall, obstruction, and attached conduit, and greatly enhances the ground that we can cover in tight space situations, which is exactly what we needed in this project with the limited space and small scan area the 2000 MHz “Palm” antenna works wonderfully. Each of our technicians arrives on site with this capable tool in their arsenal of equipment, and allows GPRS to maximize the accuracy and flexibility of our scanning.

Concrete Scanning Structural Analysis Downtown - Toronto, ON

This image represents the exposed utility vault walls scanned by GPRS Project Manager Adrian Atkins
to determine the rebar pattern within the concrete slab.

GPRS Enterprises Inc. provides our clients with digital concrete imaging using Ground Penetrating Radar as well as radio detection technologies to assist our clients in locating all critical targets within concrete slabs quickly and accurately. GPRS Enterprises has large network of experienced technicians throughout Canada and the United States with specialization of concrete imaging and concrete inspection.

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This image represents the utility vault scanned by GPRS Project Manager Adrian Atkins
determining the rebar pattern within the concrete walls.

No project is to big or to small for GPRS, call before you dig! Avoid potential risks, costs, and frustrations, and gain peace of mind by having us survey your locations prior to drilling, cutting, coring or destructively testing. GPRS can be on site within 24 hours of a request in order to keep these important concrete drilling/cutting projects running smoothly. If your company is in need of any of our concrete scanning services which include plastic or steel conduit location, rebar locating, post tension cable locating, concrete void detection, or buried drain and utility location in the Hamilton, London, Windsor area, please contact:
Adrian Atkins at (905) 531-1483 or at

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