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GPR Concrete Scanning to Locate Conduits, Water Lines in Calgary ABConcrete Scanning for Conduits at a Dental Office - Calgary, Alberta

GPRS Enterprises Inc. recently provided GPR services at a dental office in Calgary, Alberta in order to locate conduits, water line and air lines prior to concrete cutting, trenching by a plumber.

A couple of leaks close to a sink and dental chair’s water supply were found by the dental office. A plumber was contacted to fix the issue but there was no record of conduit and utility layout for this 20-year-old office. They decided to map all the critical targets within the concrete first.

GPRS Enterprises, Inc. of Calgary was able to perform the scan promptly after the call. As a result, all the findings were clearly marked on the floor for the plumber to continue to work on the issue.

If you would like more information about other services GPRS provides such as utility and UST locating or to request a quote for concrete scanning, please contact Kien Do at 403-909-5391 or

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