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Rebar and Conduit Location Prior to Wall Coring - Richmond, British Columbia

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems Enterprises, Inc. of British Columbia recently provided Radar scanning services for a local electrical contractor at a Hospital in Richmond prior to core drilling through a rebar reinforced wall. A 6” core diameter was requested in order to run additional conduit into the electrical room. The client was concerned with electrical conduit and reinforcing rebar in the wall, and could not afford to compromise either of these important targets.

GPR Rebar and Conduit Locating - Richmond, British Columbia

GPRS was able to locate vertical and horizontal reinforcement, as well as an electrical conduit in the area where drilling was to take place. These targets were marked directly on the surface with non-permanent wax crayon, so that this critical information was easily interpreted by the contractor doing the drilling. 23 similar locations were scanned in under 3 hours, keeping cost low, and allowing for the driller to be scheduled on the same day.

If you are in need of any of our concrete scanning services, such as Conduit locating, void mapping, rebar locating, or post-tension cable mapping in the Lower Mainland or greater Vancouver area, please contact:
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