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GPR Scan Prior to Saw Cutting of Concrete Slab - Calgary, Alberta

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems (GPRS) Enterprises Inc. of Calgary was contacted by a major general contractor to perform interior GPR scans at several construction sites, so that that saw cutting could take place at each of the locations. One of the sites was at a university hospital, which had a very complicated utility system. Although the presence of wire mesh made this scan more difficult, multiple electrical conduits, water lines, sanitary lines, as well as other unknown lines, were located by GPRS Project Manager, Kien Do.

GPR Scan Prior to Saw Cutting of Concrete Slab - Calgary, AB

The picture above shows a slab-on-grade that was scanned by GPRS at the University hospital. The contractor was planning to saw cut as part of the removal process of the concrete floor of the structure. Our task was to locate all of the critical targets within, and below the slab. During the project, we used both a palm 2000 MHz, and a 400 MHz antenna to inspect multiple depth ranges. Additionally, we swept the area with an electromagnetic radio-wave line detection (RD) device to locate any potential underground communication, or electrical lines. During the scanning process, we were able to locate an extensive drainage system, and a large “unknown” pipe. In the picture above, you can see the location of the large pipe that was located (marked in white paint). As we completed this project, we marked all of the results the scan findings including: depths, and locations of each subsurface item.

GPR Scan Prior to Saw Cutting of Concrete Slab - Calgary, AB

Above is a picture of an electrical cable (shown in red paint) which ran just below a portion of the concrete slab that was scanned. The line branched out to several different locations of the slab, and we were able to mark all of its locations. The precise locations of these cables were marked directly on the slab, along with depths, to ensure that they would not be missed during the cutting process.

In addition to marking directly onto the project surface, right after the scan was completed, while we were still at the job-site, we were able to provide the contractor with a document that showed the results of the scan over top the floor plan of the building. By not only having markings on the concrete surface for reference, the contractor also had a hard copy of the results of the scan. This was helpful to the contractor as they were able to have 2 records of the results of our scan.

Utilizing GPR reduces risk, and the potential costs associated with damages at a job site. due to saw-cutting through conduits, core drilling through a post tension cable, striking an unknown buried utility while excavating and many other situations like these. Keep your project safe and on time. Call GPRS Enterprises Inc., before you dig or saw cut!

Contact the Experts in GPR: GPRS Enterprises Inc., prior to your next project. We have offices in Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer and throughout Canada as well as the United States. To schedule an appointment or a free product demonstration in and around the Calgary, Alberta area, please contact GPRS representative Kien Do by phone at 403-909-5391 or by email at

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