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Walker Ducts and Electrical Boxes Locates Using GPR - Calgary, Alberta

Walker Ducts and Electrical Boxes Locates Using GPR- Calgary, Alberta

GPRS Enterprises Inc. of Calgary was contacted by a big general contractor building stores at the Sage Hill Plaza, Calgary to locate all walker ducts and electrical boxes embedded within concrete slab during electrical installation. GPRS was instructed that there were 3 ducts running together and they were 3”, 3” and 6” wide respectively. They were covered with concrete during pouring of the concrete floor and electricians needed to core around 50 holes into the ducts for new plugs. The core diameter would be 2” and some areas on the floor were already finished with tiles so that center of the ducts must be located accurately as there was no chance to fix the tile after drilling. We found that all the ducts were very close to each other and 2” deep with different paths throughout the floor. The boxes were just half an inch deep, approx. 3” x 4” big but there were around 30 of them scattered on the floor without any markings on the concrete surface.

GPRS was contacted as they ran out of options and they considered GPR as the last resort. We was able to mobilize to the job site later the same day, and within a day we completed scanning/ marking all the walker ducts which were about more than 1000 ft of total length with exact locations of the electrical boxes.

The coring team was able to move in right away to drill out the proposed locations while we were onsite. We maintained excellent communication between scanning team, electricians and the site superintendent to make sure all the results were understood. The project was successful without any potential risks, cost or any brought peace of mind prior to doing any coring and cutting. Ground penetrating radar is a great tool to scan areas of post tension cables, rebar, and conduits, including PVC pipes and can also be used to locate underground utilities prior to cutting or excavating. GPR technology is also safe, accurate, and can mark out targets in real time.

Call before you saw cut or core drill. GPRS of Edmonton and Calgary:
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Call before you saw cut or core drill.  GPRS of Edmonton and Calgary

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