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Using GPR to Locate Radiant Floor Heating in Concrete Slab Prior to Anchoring - Calgary, AB

Having the concrete scanned can prevent damage to radiant heat and the need for costly repairs. Ground Penetrating Radar Systems (GPRS) Enterprises Inc. of Calgary conducted a GPR scanning project at a truck equipment shop in Calgary to mark out radiant heat tubes in a concrete slab-on-grade.

The client had a situation where they needed to secure all the existing shelves to the floor by using anchor bolts to satisfy the city’s safety codes. The minimum embedment depth of the anchors would interfere with the existing radiant heating system so it was critical to determine the locations and depth of the pipes around the shelves. The radiant heat pipes were attached to the rebar and varied in depth. Sometimes, they lined up perfectly with the bars.

GPR Scan for Radiant Floor Heating Lines - Calgary Alberta

The picture above shows a slab-on-grade that was scanned by GPRS around a shelf. Location and depth of rebar and plastic radiant heat pipes were marked directly onto the slab with permanent marker. We always make the marking straight forward and easy to read. There were around 50 locations like this and we walked the client through every scans after the job. A GSSI Sir 4000 GPR head unit and a compact 2000 MHz “Palm” antenna can be seen in the picture as well. This antenna allows us to scan as close and 2” from any wall or obstructions. It worked really well in this project as the shelves were positioned against the wall and there were tons of tool boxes, equipment around it which did not allow free movement of bigger antennas. We also swept the area with an electromagnetic radio-wave line detection (RD) as well for any potential underground communication/ electrical lines.

Concrete Scanning Services in Alberta Canada

Utilizing GPR reduces risk and costs associated with damages on job sites due to saw-cutting through conduits, core drilling through a post tension cable or radiant heat and many other situations like these. Contact GPRS Enterprises Inc. prior to your next project. We have offices in Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer and throughout Canada. To schedule an appointment or a free product demonstration in and around the Calgary, Alberta area, please contact GPRS representative Kien Do by phone at 403-909-5391 or by email at

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