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Sanitary Sewer Mapping Prior to Excavation at Local Brewery - Toronto, Ontario

GPRS Enterprises of Hamilton / Toronto was contacted by a local brewery to locate the sanitary sewer system throughout a large industrial distribution factory. The client needed the area scanned prior to excavation throughout the brewery so that they could upgrade the sewer pipe to a larger diameter. A GPRS technician mobilized to the site the next day after receiving a call, and by using both GPR and radio-detection along with using a traceable rod and Sonde equipment, we were able to identify the path of the sanitary sewer throughout this massive brewery. We were also able to determine the depth that the sewer line was buried at. Knowing the location and the depth of the line, the customer was given peace of mind; knowing that they could continue their work with confidence.

GPR Sewer Line Scanning Before Excavation - Toronto, Ontario

The image above shows a portion of the area that GPRS scanned for the sewer line.

Utility - Hydro Scanning Before Excavation - Toronto, Ontario

The image above shows the sanitary sewer line being located 175 feet away
from the cleanout that the traceable rod and Sonde was fished down. Using
the traceable rod and Sonde along with radio-detection gave us precise
accuracy while locating the sewer line.

GPRS is aware of the importance accurate scanning results and we work with you to ensure that you know the location of lines prior to excavation. For this particular job, hitting the sewer line could have slowed down the process of construction, affecting time deadlines and the project budget.

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