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GPRS Locates Utilities or any Unknowns - Niagara on the Lake, OntarioGPR Utility Scan Prior to Trenching - Niagara on the Lake, Ontario

When wanting to excavate for a trench no matter what you are trying to accomplish, your best option is to use Ground Penetrating Radar to have a cost efficient and safe project. For this project, the client wanted to clear the area of water lines or any unknowns running through their proposed trench area. We used GPR and radio detection in both active and passive modes to locate any water lines and unknown lines running through the proposed trench area. GPRS uses ground penetrating radar in addition to standard utility locating devices that allows them to find pipes that are otherwise unable to be located and often the property owner/managers don’t even know they exist. In this case we found a few unknown pipes that were running right through their proposed trench area.

GPRS Enterprises, Inc. of Toronto mobilized to the site and was able to provide exact locations of the sprinkler system to the vineyard and even other unknown and unexpected lines that were running underground through their proposed trench area. If you are in need of private utility locates or any of our other services such as clearing an area before excavation or UST locating, please contact Adrian Atkins at 905-531-1438 or

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