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GPR Utility Scan of New Construction Site - Burlington, Ontario

GPRS Scan for Utility Lines Prior to Construction - Burlington, Ontario, Canada

GPRS Enterprises Inc., received a call from a major developer who was looking to build 3 luxury condominiums in Burlington, Ontario. This company is in phase 1 of their excavation process and are digging to complete the 2 levels of the parking garage. It was very clear to the developer that he needed to use GPR for the highest quality and the best results. GPRS ensured that the area was clear of any utilities or unknown lines that may be a hazard within their construction zone. Paintings on the surface were provided for easy visibility as well as a detailed sketch of all locations and depths of utilities.

GPRS is aware of the importance of diligent work to ensure that hitting any lines does not happen. In this particular job, hitting any utilities could slow down the process, affecting surrounding communities. GPR and Radio-detection was used to give this customer peace of mind so that he could continue his work with confidence.

If your company is in need of utility locating services including underground storage tank location, storm and sewer drain mapping, water and gas line location or power/communication marking in the Hamilton, London or Windsor area, please contact: Adrian Atkins at (905) 531-1483 or at

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