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Underground Utility and Septic Tank Locating Prior to Installing a New Playground
- Langley, British Columbia

GPRS Enterprises Inc. of British Columbia was called by a playground company who was working with the Langley school district. A new playground was being planned, and posts and anchors needed to be installed in order for the equipment to be safe. GPRS mobilized the next morning, and started by locating all of the utilities in the school courtyard, and surrounding area. Care was taken not to disturb children, as the work took place on an active school day. The contractor was worried about a gas line, and a septic system that was near the playground. Ground penetrating radar and radio detection equipment was used to find all of the utilities in question. Drilling of the required post holes for the new playground was able to commence immediately after the survey was completed, and the playground was finished in a two-day time span.

GPR Utility Scan with GPR - Langley, British Columbia, CA

The photo above was taken of our GPRS technician in the BC region, who is locating the gas line that was running behind the playground installation area. The line had a passive radio tone, that made location with the detection wand quick and easy. Ground penetrating radar was then used to verify the location of the pipe, and to add a depth. Yellow paint and survey flags were used to mark out this utility as brightly as possible.

GPR and radio detection equipment can be used near anyone at a project area, and it does not emit harmful radiation or excessive noise. These aspects were crucial considering the busy school that was active during the day of the survey.

Utility Scanning with GPRS in British Columbia

The photo above shows the septic tanks in the background, and the sewer lines running out to the street in the foreground. Posts were drilled up to 3’ into the ground, and without calling GPRS, the customer would have encountered these shallow lines that were only 2.5’ deep. The septic system was part of a larger network, that provided sanitary drainage of the entire school, so it was imperative that accurate locations of these lines were determined.

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