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Using Ground Penetrating Radar to Locate Post Tension Cable Prior to Core Drilling - Edmonton, Alberta

GPRS Enterprises Inc. recently provided GPR services at a commercial renovation project in Edmonton, AB in order to locate rebar, conduits and post-tensioned cable embedded in a concrete slab prior to coring.

The contractor planned to put 4 new drains with the core sizes ranged from 8” to 16” through top of a parking garage. During the renovation, top part of the slab was removed in order to put more rebar in and then new concrete was poured. The green concrete made the task very difficult as too much moisture in the concrete but time frame did not allow the client to wait any longer. In addition, it was challenging to recognize a post tension cable embedded within a slab with tons of rebar. We decided only map the bottom bars and cables to pick the best locations to drill.

Edmonton, AB, Canada   Ground Penetrating Radar to Locate Post Tension Cable

It was very important to determine and map the cables accurately as the cables found at approximately 18” apart from each other. However, GPRS was able to provide the client with accurate information regarding locations and depths of the rebar and post-tensioned cables in the proposed area. Any existing conduit with live power was also located with Radio-detection equipment. The quality of the scans was proved as the coring crew moved in shortly and completed the drilling without striking any cable. The project was able to stay on schedule and avoid any potential delays or repairs.

If you would like more information about concrete scanning applications and other services GPRS providing such as locating Utilities and sub-surface anomalies along a proposed pipeline trench, locating Underground Storage Tanks (USTs), clearing boring locations of possible Utilities for soil samples, Void Detection or even structural investigations. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a demo or lunch and learn. It would be a great opportunity for us to learn more about your projects in order to assist you better on sites. If you have any questions regarding our equipment capabilities or to request a quote, the local contact for Calgary, Edmonton and Red Deer is Kien Do at 403-909-5391 or

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