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GPRS Enterprises, Inc. of Canada Locates Conduits and Rebar - Hamilton, Ontario

When wanting to move a large industrial elevator, a GPRS Enterprises, Inc. client wanted to clear the area of water lines and conduits prior to anchoring the elevator in place. Also, due to the substantial weight of the elevator, the client also wanted to ensure that there were no voids in the area that could cause a collapse. They contacted GPRS because they use ground penetrating radar in addition to standard utility locating devices that allows them to find pipes and locate voids that are otherwise unable to be located and often the property owner/managers don’t even know they exist, which allows for a cost efficient and safe project.

GPRS Enterprises, Inc. of Toronto Locates Conduits and Rebar - Hamilton, ON

GPRS Enterprises, Inc. of Toronto mobilized to the site and was able to clear the area of voids, and locate several conduits that were running through the area in question. If you need to locate utilities or waterlines or have a need for any of our other services such as concrete scanning or UST locating, please contact Adrian Atkins at 905-531-1483 or

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