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Locating Hydro in Uxbridge, Ontario

When installing a fence on your property it is important to make sure that the posts are placed so that they do not hit a utility. Hitting a hydro or cable line with a post hole digger is costly and can be very dangerous. We recently worked for a homeowner who is also a contractor that knew the importance of this when installing a new fence on his property and wanted to ensure the safety of the fence installation crew. Ontario One Call could not help as the fence was being installed on private property and therefore the homeowner called GPRS to locate the electrical feed.

Locating Hydro in Uxbridge, Ontario

GPRS Enterprises of Toronto mobilized to the site and was able to very quickly verify that the hydro line went outside of the proposed fence area and therefore the fence installation could safely proceed.

If you are in need of private utility locating on your property or any of our other services such as UST locating and concrete x-ray work, please contact Jim James at 647-339-1265 or



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