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Locating Unmarked Graves - Valemount, British Columbia

For cemeteries that have been operating for many years, the records of what plots have been used can often be very limited or even completely lost.  The city of Valemount, BC was planning for future needs and had an older section of their cemetery where a few headstones were present, but it was unclear if there were any other burials in the area.

Locating Unmarked Graves - Valemount, British Columbia

GPRS Enterprises, Inc. mobilized to the site and using ground penetrating radar was able to determine the locations of several unmarked graves within the area.  With this knowledge the cemetery is now able to utilize the space in which no graves were deemed present. 

If you need to locate any unmarked graves or any of our other services such as underground storage tank locating or private utility locating, please contact Jim James at 647-339-1265 or


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