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Utility Location Prior to Demolition - Burnaby, British Columbia

GPRS Enterprises of British Columbia was called out to locate utilities feeding a building prior to shut down and demolition. We were tasked with finding all sewer, storm drains, power, communication, water and gas lines so that these utilities could be used for a new building that was to be built on the site in the future. A satellite image of the property was used to create a detailed aerial utility map for use in all phases of construction. City plans were not available for this project, as records for this building were not well documented.

Private Utility Locate - Burnaby, British Columbia

A GPS unit was used to record the precise location of each underground line, as accuracy on this project was very important. Approximate depth of each utility was also provided to the client so that digging could take place with confidence moving forward.

If you are in need of any of our utility locating services, which include underground storage tank location, storm and sewer drain mapping, water and gas line location, and power/communication marking in the Lower Mainland or greater Vancouver area, please contact: Jesse Moorhouse at (604) 671-1829 or at

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