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Private Utility Scanning - Scarborough, Ontario

A local recycling company recently developed a plan to add machinery to one of their locations that would ease some of the repetitive motion strain on their employees. As part of this plan they needed to add a concrete pad at the back of the building with piers that were sunk deep into the ground. The company called the ON1Call service, but knew this only got them the utilities within the public right-of-way. Beyond the unknown pipes that may be out there, the company was aware of a fire hydrant at the back of the building and were concerned that this hydrant was fed through the area in which they were working.

Private Utility Locate - Scarborough, Ontario

The company called GPRS Enterprises, Inc. of Toronto to come out and locate the water line and any other unknown utilities or obstructions that may be in the area. GPRS quickly mobilized to the site and delineated the water line and gave them a depth for the line. They also confirmed that no other active utilities were in the area. If you need help locating utilities for your project or with our other services such as UST searches and rebar locating please contact Jim James at 647-339-1265 and

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