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Rebar and Conduit Location Prior to Core Drilling Through a 15” Thick Slab - Vancouver, British Columbia

GPRS Enterprises of British Columbia was contacted by a major electrical contractor to scan a suspended slab prior to core drilling in 53 different locations. The concrete slab was constructed with double mat rebar, and also contained conduits in many areas. GPRS mobilized the next day, and was able to scan all of the locations using one technician in a 6-hour time frame. The ability to quickly scan these last minute drilling areas meant that the contractor was able to schedule coring for the very next day. The steel and conduits that were located were marked permanently on the surface of the concrete, allowing the client to choose clear areas to core through.

Rebar and Conduit Scanning - Vancouver, British Columbia

GPRS was able to locate both mats of reinforcing steel, even though this slab was in excess of 15 inches thick.

If you are in need of any of our concrete scanning services, such as Conduit locating, void mapping, rebar locating, or post-tension cable mapping in the Lower Mainland or greater Vancouver area, please contact: Jesse Moorhouse at (604) 671-1829 or at

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