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Utility Locating (Storm and Sewer) Prior to Construction of Heavy Bleachers on a Soccer Field
- Vancouver, British Columbia

GPRS Enterprises Inc. of British Columbia was contacted by a stadium seating company to locate storm and sewer drain lines prior to constructing heavy bleachers on an existing soccer field. The company was concerned that the weight of these new bleachers would compromise or damage the drain lines that were running under the field. GPRS mobilized the next day after receiving the call, and thoroughly investigated the area using a combination of ground penetrating radar grid surveying, and sewer camera inspection. Each line was accurately located, and then video recorded using a small camera on the end of a cable, so that the initial characteristics of each pipe could be compared to the final state after the bleachers were added to the field. The project took approximately 2 days to complete, which kept the cost of the project under budget for the contractor. All findings that were located during the survey were marked in the area clearly with inverted paint, along with depths to the top of each target.

Storm and Sewer Line GPR Scan - Vancouver, British Columbia

BC one call service was contacted at the beginning of the project, but since all of these utilities were installed privately, there were no city or formal plans showing any locations or depths. The photo above shows a sanitary sewer drain network that had been accessed using specialized cleanout tools. Distances of each line were recorded and documented but using a standard survey wheel and a traceable sonde on the sewer camera itself. A map was created at the completion of the project which showed a satellite image overlay highlighting all of the sewer and storm drain lines that were located. Video records of each line were also submitted to the hiring company so that a second survey after construction could be conducted to see if any of the drains were compromised by the weight of the structures. GPRS also remained on site after the survey was completed to meet with the client and communicate all the survey findings on site.

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