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Underground Storage Tank & Utility Locating - Windsor, Ontario

One of the most common applications of GPR for environmental remediation service companies is to locate underground storage tanks for either confirmation of their existence/removal or to position soil boring locations that will not compromise the structure. One such company began a phase 2 assessment project that was determined to have a UST and a large number of private utilities on site. This company had used GPRS Enterprises for these projects in the past and called them up to perform a private utility and UST locate.

Underground Storage Tank & Utility Locating in Windsor, ON

GPRS Enterprises, Inc. mobilized to Windsor, ON and mapped out the location and depth of the UST as well as many private utilities running through the site. If you need to locate an underground storage tank or have a need for any of our other services such as concrete scanning or private utility locating, please contact Jim James at 647-339-1265 or

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