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Underground Storage Tank Locating Prior to Home Sale - East Vancouver, British Columbia

GPRS Enterprises Inc. of British Columbia was called out to provide an underground storage tank survey (oil tank) by a local real estate agent who was putting a house on the market. The client wanted to verify if a tank was still on the property, as the house had been originally built in 1919, and records indicated it was heated by oil that was kept in a cylinder underground. A metal detector survey was performed by a different company, but they determined that there was a great deal of cast iron utilities and wire mesh in the floor slab of the house which greatly limited the findings that were gathered. GPR is a great tool for tank location, as limitations such as these can be eliminated and a more thorough picture of what is in the ground can be acquired. We first used a smaller concrete antenna to determine the reinforcement type and density in the slab, and then set up the larger 400 MHz antenna with adjusted settings to compensate for the reinforcement. A survey of the outside of the house and property was also conducted, and many of the metallic objects were found and determined to be utilities, and no underground storage tanks or cylinders.

Underground Tank Scan at Home Prior to Sale - Vancouver, British Columbia

The photo above was taken of the backyard of the property where the survey took place. Dense vegetation in some areas limited the survey, but the previous metal detector survey along with this detailed GPR survey would have covered over 99% of any possible ground where a tank may have been located. It is always worthwhile to get a second opinion, and the real estate company now has two detailed reports (one from the tank company, one from GPRS) to present to the city and any potential buyers.

storage tank locating

The photo above shows some of the data collected by GPRS while onsite. The data looks very inconsistent, which could be due to rocks, roots, gravel, and other debris that was buried on the property. No tanks were located, but this debris and possible metal within the ground made a second opinion scan with GPR necessary in order to be sure that there were no surprises left on site for the potential home buyers.

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