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Using a two-step process of radio detection and ground-penetrating radar, GPRS technicians have the training and the equipment to locate underground utilities on your site. By providing a comprehensive picture of existing sub-surface utilities, GPRS helps to protect your workers and to avoid damage to:

  • Gas
  • Sewer
  • Power
  • Phone
  • Communications
  • Other underground lines or cables and surrounding environment.
Types of Utilities Detected One Call GPR Enterprises
Water Force Mains and some service lines (typically only on public property like streets and rights of way, easements, etc. Yes Yes
Primary Electric / Hydro Yes Yes
(phone, data, cable TV, fiber)
Yes Yes
Main Storm and Sanitary Sewer
(typically only on public property like streets and rights of way, easements, etc.)
Yes Yes
Water Service Lines (plastic or metal) No Yes
Secondary Electric / Hydro
(site lighting, signage, 480 volt/220/110 conduits)
No Yes
Sewer Lines including septic tanks, leach fields, field tile pipe, etc. No Yes
Miscellaneous utility lines such as oxygen, steam, chilled water lines, nitrogen and other chemical transport type utilities No Yes

Resulting Damage from Private Utilities Not Being Located
Resulting Damage of failing to locate utilities Call before you dig
severed utility line damaged utility line

Electromagnetic Induction
GPRS employs Electromagnetic Induction technology in conjunction with ground penetrating radar on your job site to provide a comprehensive utilities survey. Our hand-held Electromagnetic Induction equipment (RD-7000) consists of a base unit and a wand to locate metallic pipes, live electrical currents, or signals from communications wires. Electromagnetic Induction makes it possible to locate utilities in areas where conditions are not conducive to GPR technology alone.

For more information on private utility locating, please contact your local GPRS representative today.

Creating a Permanent Record
GPR technology along with GPR and EMI services can be combined with Global Positioning Systems (GPS) information to create a permanent record of the underground area at your job site. The data can be overlaid onto Google Earth or CAD documents, providing you with a permanent map of the physical reference points of your project’s underground utilities and environment.

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